Stargames Casino Getting Better Every Day

It seems these days that everywhere you look online another casino is popping out of the virtual woodwork. It’s got to be tough to try to compete with casinos that have been established for years and not sound like you’re begging for their customers to give you a shot.

Some people don’t want to try out any of these new player palaces until they know that the kinks have been worked out.

When it first opened, there were two major complaints:

  • The players were complaining that the customer support teams were rude and seemed to know nothing about the problems that they were having.
  • The other most often heard complaint was about how long it took to get your pay-outs.

So, if you have yet to play in casino, you might be surprised to find that a lot of the early complaints about customer care and slow payouts have been improved.

Let’s face it.

We only have so much time in a day to play our favourite games and every minute that you’re in with some rep is time you are not in the casino. Since its money that you’re spending, quick resolution is important.

In the first few weeks after opening there were customer service people that needed more training in how they talked to customers.  They got it.  For the last several weeks, they have learned how to resolve issues and do it in a really nice way.  We could safely assume that the boss explained to the staff that if they drove all the clients away, they wouldn’t have a place to work – in all of the 12 languages that the casino supports.

It seems that the customer representatives have been shown how to actually solve the typical problems which may be due to glitches in the platform or a failure between plugins.  Whatever the case, the normal and to-be-expected problems are now understood and the casinos team can tell you exactly how to fix a problem quickly and painlessly.

The ability to contact a real person in real time has also received attention.  The direct national phone numbers now include German, Swiss and Austrian.  Additionally, the support department has set up an international phone number – not free call unfortunately – for customers to speak to a team member live and get their urgent problems solved immediately.

We’re still waiting for live chat but for those in the U.S. and Canada who are accustomed to instantaneous everything because they have broadband service, you should know that in most countries this superfast virtual highway is still being built.

Live chat takes a certain amount of virtual space and the choice for customers may be a better gaming experience or talking to a rep online in real time. Personally, the gaming is more important.

Several Ways to Play – Lots of Games to Win

If you are new to casino play or just want to make sure that you know how this casino’s platform works for you.  Give it a try with their ‘play for fun’ option before you jump into a tournament or play for money.

If they didn’t have the world’s favorite games, everyone would be disappointed – and probably surprised.  Like all their competitors they offer the standards like slots, Multi-ball Roulette, Blackjack and of course, video poker including Texas Hold’Em.  But, if you prefer Omaha or 5-Card Draw to get your boots wet, there are those too.

You don’t have to play every day to have a chance of discovering some of the really rare classics such as Play Yatzy, Solitaire or Rummy – remember those? – and get in on one of the tournaments to get a refreshing change of pace from the standards.

Most casinos offer “progressive jackpots” and those amounts can be tempting.  What are the odds that you will win one of them, though?  Well, not knowing the odds at Stargames shouldn’t deter you from giving Golden Sevens, King Treasure or Fruits ‘n Seven a chance or two. These three have proven to have the best chances for winnings.

Speaking of winnings, you should know that the first pay-out will still take about 10-days to receive. After all, you do want the casino to make sure that it’s you that gets the money, right?  After that, it takes about 5 or 6 days for international pay-outs to land in your lap. Besides, these guys are getting better at everything all the time.