Star Casino- An Honest Review

A casino is only as good as the entertainment that it can provide for players and for online casinos this is doubly important. After all they can’t rely on the real world appeal of glitz, glamor and free booze to attract new customers to their gambling tables. A good online casino should be fun, be legitimate and provide enough variety of games that the player does not feel the need to move to another establishment coz they are bored.

A genuine online casino

Star Casino is a Belgium based online casino that has been in operation for the past decade and has been approved by the Belgian Gaming Commission. However, just because the casino is based out of a European country does not mean that you can’t play on it simply because you aren’t from Europe. The casino is open to players from all over the world and it can be accessed in multiple languages like English, Dutch, French and even Japanese.

How do you play at Star Casino?

You need nothing more than an Internet connection and a browser to start playing games at Star casino. You do not have to download any app or install any other kind of software to get started. Modern browsers support flash and that is what the casino interface is built upon. For those who have slow computers or simply do not like using flash, the casino also provides an HTML 5 option. This flexibility means that you will not face any hindrance when you start playing online casino games at Star Casino.

Similarly, when it comes to making a deposit, you have a whole lot of options to choose from. If you want to put it on your card then you can choose a Mastercard or a Visa. If you have privacy concerns and do not want to give out your card information then you can always choose an option like paysafe or Kash so that your personal information is not revealed to the third party vendor.

What can I play at Star casino?

Since it indeed an established online casino, it provides the player with all sorts of classic casino games. From blackjack to poker to roulette to all kinds of different slots- you can play it all here at one place. Since it’s been verified, assessed and certified by the Belgian Gaming Commission, all the games in the casino are run on random number generators and there’s no sort of manipulation whatsoever. If you lose then it is only coz your luck is refusing to shine on you and not coz of any other unethical reason.

One of the best parts of the online casino experience at Star Casino is the ability to demo all the games before you actually go ahead and make bets on them. This is great for new players who are not sure of how online gambling works and want to get a hang of it and a bit of an assurance before they put their hard earned money in it.

This is also great for those who are entirely new to gambling and need to figure out how casino games work. In their help section, Star Casino has provided extensive information on the rules of gambling and how particular games work on their own. So for a complete newbie to get into online gambling is a relatively easy process.

Tons of Variety

When you are gambling at an online casino, then you need a lot of variety at hand otherwise there’s a fear of getting bored rather quickly. There’s literally nothing worse than having to move on to a different online casino simply coz the one you are playing at has gotten boring. No such problems at Star Casino though as they virtually have something for everyone. From different kinds of card games (like Jack’s better) to fun non traditional ones like Mystery Doors and Take or shoot- no matter what your taste you will find something to keep your attention.

Then there’s also the option to indulge in sports betting if you are so inclined. The best thing about Star casino are the bonus offers and they truly bring the amazing experience of online gambling to the forefront. All in all- a solid 5 stars in my book.